"What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course." - Marilyn Monroe

Cloud Nine Comforts


Cloud Nine Comfort was established in 1989 by Kenny Bloom, Sharyl Bloom and Alex Castro. Three people, each of which “grew up” in the bed linen business with generations of experience behind them. Determined to be different, Cloud Nine Comforts has become a leader in their industry.


The first goal of Cloud Nine was to produce the finest down comforters and pillows and to establish a reputation of integrity and service the industry had not yet seen.


Cloud Nine Comforts immediately started buying and processing large quantities of feather and down from Europe and China making them one of the largest importers in the United States. This gave Cloud Nine Comforts leverage in keeping their costs low. The feather inventory is always deep.

Cloud Nine Comforts has invested in keeping the linens “in stock” - packaged and ready for delivery.


Improving the washing and separating process, Cloud Nine was able to develop a new level of quality to the down marketplace. The highest level of down Cloud Nine produces is Hypoallergenic which allows people who thought they were allergic to down, to enjoy the luxury and comfort of down without reaction.

It is no wonder Cloud Nine Comforts was chosen both “Best Duvet” as well as “Best Sleeping Pillow” by DEPATRURES MAGAZINE in their “Making The Perfect Bed” article.


All Cloud Nine linens are made in Italy. Italian milled fabric made from Egyptian cotton is sent to our Italian sewing workroom where the embroidery is applied, sewn together, finished and packaged. This is because the Italian workrooms produce the highest quality work.


Cloud Nine Comforts hired the most competent production staff available with years of experience in the business who created multiple filling stations for the different down and feather blends as well as an orderly warehouse and cut and sew systems in order to keep production seamless without hold ups for blend changes at the filling stations or any other logistic problem which may come up.


Cloud Nine Comforts has earned the reputation of handling even the most demanding “situations” that may come up. The customer service staff is attentive and anxious to keep the customer satisfied. Custom sizes or specifications are not a problem.

All of the down ticks or shells are kept in stock which are “filled fresh” with any specific fill type and weight.


Cloud Nine Linens are always made in Italy and stocked in Commerce, California and can usually be shipped right away. Custom orders are handled quickly as well.

Although most items are filled fresh when the order is received and delivered quickly, Cloud Nine has started a new “express” service stocking some of the most popular styles for next day delivery for those urgent situations.


25 years later, Cloud Nine Comforts has become the premier source of down products for furniture manufacturers, linen manufacturers, linen stores and interior design businesses.

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